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What clients say

“As I was on my journey of creating a Life of alignment, contribution and joy for myself, meeting Caroline triggered a powerful shift in my perception of myself, Life and the world. Through our healing and channeling sessions, and conversations, she helped me find clarity and discernment,

strength and confidence on my path.


 Caroline listens deeply, is able to have a full presence and total focus.

She has an innate eagerness to contribute, offering the unique gifts she has with depth and sharp wisdom. She naturally provides a subtle, very adequate balance between challenge and support. She is able to speak her truth confidently, she is not afraid to speak at a real level of authenticity and integrity, with a true kindness. 

She uses and combines knowledge and tools that come from a wide range of experiences, approaches, learnings that she had. She is connected to a broad range of healers and entrepreneur networks that nourish the width of her perspective. She uses her creativity, intelligence and sensitiveness to share guidance that is spot-on and impacting. 

To put it in a nutshell : Caroline is a very talented heart-driven empowerer and healer who offers high value service. Lastly, her recommendations - healers or experts for specific issues, personal and spiritual development trainings, books, are also extremely relevant.

She is an extraordinary guide."

Julia Guerin - The Empowerment Studio for Caroline Marie Jeanne

Julia Guerin - The Empowerment Studio

“It is truly a rare gift to meet such a connected and pure soul such as Caroline and I am so grateful that I did.
Caroline carries a deep knowledge of life from a physical, spiritual and energetic perspective of which she integrates and embodies fully to best honour her own path and spirit in order to serve the path of others.
Her remarkable ability to connect and read the energy surrounding ones life is truly a divine gift as well as her ability to interpret, understand and verbalise these messages in such a genuine and caring way, that it is impossible not to feel their resonance with in your mind, body and soul.
I couldn't recommend Caroline highly enough, not only for her beautiful divine gifts and impressions, but for her compassionate heart, empathetic soul and her beautiful, sincere and genuine desire to support all beings along their journeys towards love and light.”
“Ma séance avec Caroline a été un réel moment de partage et de bien-être. Très douce et à l'écoute, elle a su répondre à mes divers questionnements grâce à ses dons de clairvoyance et m'a donné de précieux conseils tout en me laissant le libre arbitre.
Caroline a également un don énergétique et a su rapidement détecter mes divers blocages et ainsi me diriger vers une modalité adaptée à ma problématique : la kinésiologie. Cela a été une véritable révélation dans l'avancée sur mon chemin de bien-être intérieur. Je la recommande les yeux fermés.”
“Caroline is a gifted and talented intuitive guide.
I've been working with her for the last 3 years and she's helped me enormously with her readings. Her intuition is that incredibly clear and she has an amazing capacity to help bring valuable insights and reassurances to any issues in requiring guidance on. She takes a great deal of time, effort and care when conducting her readings and I really appreciate the thoroughness of her service and the fact she's always open to further questions if I need it. Caroline has been an absolute angel to me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her intuitive services to anyone.”
"Caroline provided me with very interesting predictions that shed light and helped me understand situations better. She is one of the few that is driven by great passion to help and enlighten rather than selling a service. Her awareness of human realities works with her psychic abilities to create understandable answers and provide great advice.”

“I received intuitive readings from Caroline and I am amazed by her way, practice and service. It’s not just a reading, it’s a life changing journey within your deeper self. She thoroughly prepared each session by channelling higher energies and their messages for me beforehand. When the reading started, she actually already had some messages ready for me, that came out to be fully aligned with the intentions I had set. I was then able to ask questions based on those messages and get my answers in a more efficient way.


The connection I felt with both Caroline and those energies was so powerful it put me in an instant higher vibrational state. The advice I received was very practical and specific, nothing generic that could apply to anyone but exactly what I needed. I put it into practice and could feel an immediate shift in my life.


I had other readings before and I think Caroline’s are of superior quality.
She is not only an extremely skilled person, but also an amazing guide that can help you progress. Now that I have met her and tried her services, I don’t think I will ever have readings with anybody else. I can only recommend her and I’m sure she can help others as much as she helped me."

Julia Guerin - The Empowerment Studio for Caroline Marie Jeanne

Anna Franchi -

"Caroline is a gracious reader and healer.
After the session, I felt confident with my choice to leave the security of the corporate life for a more spiritually-fulfilling career.

She also helped me heal from a past relationship trauma that lasted two years and hence enable me to open up to new potentials in my love life.
It is definitely the best reading I have ever received."

Julia Guerin - The Empowerment Studio for Caroline Marie Jeanne

Sofia Athanasiadis

"Perdue dans mes choix, Caroline a su grâce à son don m’aider à retrouver mon chemin.

Elle est doté de cette sensibilité unique qui lui permet de lire et interpréter les énergies, vibrations, messages et de formuler le tout de manière claire à la personne qui en a besoin.

Le temps d’une séance de channeling et d’intuitive readings, Caroline a été mon guide, à l’écoute et m’a donné de précieux conseils.

Grâce à elle j’entrevois cette nouvelle année avec beaucoup plus de sérénité. Je possède désormais les cartes nécessaires pour développer mon potentiel et aller de l’avant.

Je recommanderai sans hésitation Caroline."


Julia Guerin - The Empowerment Studio for Caroline Marie Jeanne

Amandine Bussat

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