Are you feeling a bit low on energy or regularly drained? Do you need something to put you back in your full power and alignment, something that helps you connect with yourself, your Spirit Guides and others better?
This is the tool for you!

This Energy Clearing Protocol is the one I have designed and been using on myself and my clients for a while. It is quick, powerful and it works.

How to use this tool:

  • When to use it? After waking up or right before bedtime, or anytime you feel out of alignment, drained, emotional, moody and so on.
  • How to use it? Take a few deep breaths and center. Then, recite the Protocole out loud and feel the effects on your physical body and energy. Soak it all in and rejoice in this refreshing feeling, just like after a good warm shower. Continue with your day or night.


Energy Clearing Protocol - PDF

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