Ode to the fierce woman.

The fierce woman doesn’t compromise. Her intensity and her passion for life makes her travel the world in search for meaning.

You will find her looking at the stars, smelling exotic flowers, riding a zebra, walking bare feet, harvesting wild medicinal herbs, jumping off a waterfall.

She has no fear except the one of missing out on her own life. She is here to nourish her sense of adventure, always on a quest.

There is no black and white in her world, it’s all about shades of rainbow colours. Rebellious and free thinker, her philosophical vision feeds her willingness to explore new territories and her search for the unknown, in herself, in others, in the world.

Following the calling of her soul like tracking down predators in the jungle, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. Living in her truth is what makes her vibrate to the core.

Mysterious, passionate, complex, her heart is open for love and open for more. Her beauty resides in her strength.

She is always where you don’t expect her, always a few steps ahead of everyone else. She is the first few notes of a melody, the first ray of sunlight breaking the morning fog.

Everything about her needs attention and care. Try to possess her and she will escape. Try to tame her and she will laugh. Choose to see her and she will open like a blooming lotus. The key to her heart is whispering to her soul.

Pioneer and genius, wanderlust is her way of life and freedom her signature. When people see opposition, she sees oneness. Give her lemons, she will grow a lemon tree garden and more.

Her intense gaze can either make you fall in love or break you. Daughter of the moon and sun, she bathes naked in forest lakes and mountain rivers, tuned in to her emotions.

She carries her lineage and power from her ancestors. The fire in her belly was ignited generations ago. She holds the torch that lights up the way into the darkness of the night until the dawn makes an appearance.

Sometimes she cries. She sees vulnerability as a link to other souls.

She scares some. The ones who have forgotten what life was about. She inspires others. The ones who have made an opening for their truth to be expressed.

Intuitive, she feels before she sees, she knows before she asks.

Her inspiration gets sparked when envisioning how to make the world a better place. Realistic idealist, she is grounded and connected, a balance of earth and water, of yin and yang, of sweet and sour.

She left conventional to create her own unconventional. She is so strong she could carry the world on her shoulders, helping raise its vibration.

Loving lover, her skin is soft like her heart. Her body is her temple and her intimacy her altar. Men connect to the Divine when connecting to her. She is the doorway to a new dimension.

She is me. She is you. She is a fierce woman.

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