Virtual Full Moon Circles

For centuries, women have gathered in circles to celebrate the moon, create rituals, share precious moments, learn from each other's wisdom, and connect deeper.

This sacred time and space was dedicated to reconnecting to their feminine energy, their gifts and their potency.

Joining our forces to create magic is so precious and powerful!
Being around sisters that have our back makes us tap into our full potential and manifest incredible things.

This is why I am honoured to invite you to join my Virtual Full Moon Circles this Saturday 15 June or Sunday 16 June (depending on your where you are on the planet) along with a global community of conscious women. 

I will run two circles in order to accomodate all time zones. Please check the times of both Circles here.

During these 90 minutes together we will:

  • Experience a relaxing guided meditation

  • Learn more about each other

  • Discover how the Sagittarius Full Moon will affect us

  • Work with the energy of our Spirit Guides and Invisible Support Team

  • Perform gratitude, intentions and forgiveness rituals using the Full Moon Ritual Workbook  

  • Listen to sacred music

  • Leave refreshed and energised

  • Make new friends


If you haven't downloaded your Workbook yet, click on the link below to do so:

Two Circles will be held so you can choose which one is the best for your time zone:

Circle #1 will be held on
Sunday 16 June at 11:00, Sydney (GMT +10)

  • San Francisco / Los Angeles: Saturday 15 June at 18:00

  • New York / Montreal: Saturday 15 June at 21:00

  • Kolkata: Sunday 16 June at 06:30AM

  • Bali: Sunday 16 June at 09:00

  • Auckland: Sunday 16 June at 13:00

Convert to your time zone here

Circle #2 will be held on
Sunday 16 June at 19:30, Sydney (GMT+10)

  • London / Lisbon: Sunday 16 June at 10:30AM

  • Paris / Berlin / Vienna / Rome: Sunday 16 June at 11:30AM

  • Vilnius: Sunday 16 June at 12:30PM

  • Bali: Sunday 16 June at 17:30

  • Auckland: Sunday 16 June at 21:30

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Come prepared / What to bring:

  • We will meet on Zoom. Install the app on your phone or your computer

  • This circle is a sacred space. Please make sure you are dialing in from a quiet environment

  • Have a printed copy of your Workbook and read it once before we meet

  • A white candle

  • Sage, Palo Santo or incense

  • An open heart

  • Your favourite crystals (optional)

  • Photos of your guides / totem animals (optional)

  • Fresh flowers (optional)

  • Essential oils (optional)

  • Any other magical tool you have (optional)

I am so excited to host this sacred container and cannot wait to meet you!

Any question? Send me an email using the button below. It is always a pleasure to be in touch!

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