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Pleasure to love 

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During this Mentoring you will :

  • Learn more about yourself in the context of love, dating, relationships, and intimacy.

  • Learn to understand and work in harmony with men.

  • Receive profound awareness to drastically shift your dating experiences, saving you time and potential future heartache.

  • Receive practical tips and strategies to help you cultivate more ease in your relationships with ALL of the men in your life.

  • Experience fulfilment and magnetize high-value relationships while remaining true to who you are.

1:1 Mentoring


“I’ve never shared that much with someone I don’t know before” 

“I feel safe with you” 

“I really enjoy your company”

“Talking with you feels so different to talking with other women” 

“You are such a great listener. I never usually talk that much.”

These are words that I hear on a regular basis from the men in my life and the men that I meet. 


It has not always been the case, I used to be a woman who felt hurt, abandoned, betrayed by all men in my life, starting with my dad. Because of this pain, I turned to unconscious man-bashing and emasculating behaviours.


I felt a divide and disconnect with men. It felt like them vs me. I had the opinion that all men were the same, and that all men would behave in the way that the men who had hurt me did. I was projecting my painful experiences onto all of them. 


Through these experiences, I realised that I was the common denominator. 

I realised that I needed to be the one to change my reality and no one else was going to do it for me. 


Rather than putting all of the power and blame on men, I decided to take my power back and take control of my experience in relationships. 


I began on a path of intimacy and relationship healing. Through this, I was able to open myself to completely changing my approach and radically shifting the way I related to all men. 

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I wish for all women to experience high-value and fulfilling relationships with the men in their lives, which I know is possible for everyone. 


It’s not about changing who you are, but about adjusting the way you communicate, interact and to be totally open to new ways of seeing things from the masculine perspective.

You will be empowered with the knowledge to adjust your interactions and expectations with men, identify the strengths and challenges of the phase a man is in, and have the awareness to cultivate deeper compassion, respect and fulfilling connections with the men in your life. 

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If you are ready to experience a new reality in the areas of love, intimacy and relationship, I am inviting you to join me in Pleasure to love, an intimate mentoring journey available in two formulas.


This mentoring is bespoke and tailored to you and your unique needs. It will weave together my experience and skills including relationship coaching, human design, astrology, intuition and energy work. 

Small changes can make huge differences. 

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Our sessions may include but will not be limited to: 

  • The art of listening 

  • Romantic profiles based on astrology and human design

  • Love languages

  • Attachment styles

  • How to determine our red flags and deal breakers

  • Reigniting the passion in your relationship (couples)

  • The rules of dating (if you are single)

  • How to have amazing dates (if you are single)

  • Communication skills with the opposite sex

  • Tantric practices & conscious sexuality


Formula 1 - Intensive

  • Weekly 75-minute calls over 4-weeks (4 in total)

  • Calls held over Zoom and recorded

  • Access to my pre-recorded Masterclasses on love and relationships

  • Voxer support throughout 

  • Investment 2222€ - payment plan available

  • Ideal to make rapid changes

Formula 2 - In Depth

  •  75-minute sessions every 2 weeks

  • 3 months commitment minimum

  • Calls held over Zoom and recorded

  • Access to my pre-recorded Masterclasses on love and relationships

  • Voxer support throughout 

  • Investment 1111€/month - monthy payments

  • Ideal for in depth work and lasting change

This is for you if:

  • You have a deep desire to have fulfilling & healthy relationships

  • You want to be confident and magnetic in your relationships with men

  • You want to acquire practical life-changing tools quickly and effectively

  • You have difficulty communicating with men: you find them confusing and hard to read

  • You are ready to move from being an adversary to a partner with men

  • You are ready to meet the man of your life, but you keep finding yourself with men who are not ready to commit

  • You want to experience a whole new way of approaching relationships, love, dating, & intimacy

He tried to make love to me and I shot him.jpg

This is not for you if:

  • You have a polarising attitude to men

  • You are rejecting men and consider them to be like animals

  • You feel the need to insult and verbally put down men

  • You’re not willing to be vulnerable or open 

  • You plan to manipulate men with what you learn

  • You think you have all the answers 

  • You aren’t ready to go all in and do the work

  • You don’t take personal responsibility 

  • You generally display a victim mentality 

  • You are currently navigating and healing from sexual, emotional or relationship trauma

  • You want to be a better mother to your son(s), daughter to your father, sister to your brother(s), a better colleague

  • You are sincere in your approach and do not seek to use this information to manipulate men in any way

  • You are willing to take the risk of making mistakes without blaming or victimising yourself

  • You are ready, willing and open to be vulnerable, have intimate conversations, experience a new reality and welcome change

  • You are eager to learn more about love, relationships, dating and intimacy

  • You are a CIS woman in a relationship with/dating men


"My dear Caro,

I share my gratitude for these rich moments of listening and sharing. A real gift.

Thank you for these spaces of presence guided by your curiosity, what a pleasure to explore the differences and complementarities of perception between women and men. These precious silences, these direct questions, supported by an assertive gaze and a palpable compassion enable authenticity.

I felt seen, acknowledged, and allowed to express myself without any filter. You know what you are talking about, your sharpness of observation and intuition bear witness to this.

The world needs more determined explorers like you. Thank you again because this topic touches me, and our encounter has rekindled the desire in me to do my part.

Keep leading by example"

"Caro, a new friend to whom I quickly opened up and confided in thanks to her benevolence and inspiring capacity to listen :)
It is always a pleasure to exchange with her, as she has a relaxing voice and displays a soothing calmness. Her outstanding intuition and the ability she has to discern and model subtle information and translate it in a very accessible way is powerful.
In short, nourishing exchanges at both soul and intellectual levels, which stimulate not only the brains but the energetic field!
Thank you for your authenticity, your contagious good mood and your honesty."



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