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The Lovers 

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Do you wish to discover yourself and your partner under a totally new and unique light? 

The Lovers~ is the ideal way to start!

This 90-minute Session blends intuitive guidance and exploration of yours, your partner's, and your relationship's Human Design unique blueprint.

Whereas you are a recently formed couple or have been together for years, The Lovers~  will help you to better understand each other, bring excitement to your relationship, and help make it more solid, fluid, and authentic.

Human Design Reading for Couples


This preciously woven session will support you with:


  • Understanding what makes each of you so special and unique

  • Better comprehending your partner and your relationship dynamics

  • Living according to your design

  • Feeling seen, understood, and supported

  • Reinforce your connection within the relationship

  • Invite new and healthier ways of relating


  • 90mn Session on Zoom with both partners present

  • Video Recording sent after the session

  • Yours, your partner's and your relationship's Human Design Bodygraphs sent to you after the session

  • Possibility to reach out to Caroline to ask all the questions that might arise for one week after the session

  • Investment : 444€ + Paypal fees

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