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le Voyage

~ a healing journey back in time

5 weeks to reconnect with your past, experience quantum liberations & take full ownership of who you are.

Have you noticed some recurring patterns in your life always coming back in similar contexts (relationships, professional sphere, manifestation of your vision, etc.)?

Do you have a strong desire to move forward but somehow seem to be unable to?

Do you witness yourself having very intense reactions to people, events, things, you know are out of proportions but feel like they are “stronger” than you?


Do you have irrational fears/phobias, or maybe unexplained body pains?

We, humans carry so much within ourselves including many traumas and blockages from both our recent and distant past and most of the time, we have absolutely no idea of how much it affects us.


This is in direct correlation to the power of our subconscious. For us to feel safe, this beautiful part of ourselves stops us from reproducing the same mistakes in order to protect us from re-experiencing pain. The issue is, this protection becomes a powerful limitation and keeps us stuck in a no man’s land.


Our past can be like chains and it is our responsibility to break these chains and make peace with what it behind us to truly be able to live life fully.


Are you willing to take a deep plunge into your past in order to be fully present, free and magnetic on the next steps of your journey?


I have always been fascinated by regression, accessing memories our conscious mind wouldn’t allow us to access and of course, past lives. I remember reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss about ten years ago and it completely switched my perspective on reincarnation. I then discovered that so much of what we are living now, the patterns we are reproducing, the types of people we are attracting into our lives, our health, our relationship to money and so on, are in direct relationship to past experiences, both in this life and in previous ones.


What if your inability to truly tap into your intuition was in actual fact, connected to a past life during which you had incredible intuitive gifts and got killed for it?
What if your poor relationship to money was a result of lifetimes of struggles, programmed so deep that there was no other possible way for you then to despise it?

What if your rejection of commitment in relationships was directly tied to a vow of celibacy you made in a former incarnation of yours?


I am inviting you on a deep transformative journey. A journey on which you will gather pieces of your own puzzle, reconnect with your soul identity, find answers to questions you have been carrying with you for so long, free yourself from what no longer serves you and finally feel a true sense of freedom and alignment along with a renewed sense of inspiration, energy and love for life.




5 weeks Intensive broken down into:

Week 1: Intention session and brief Childhood Regression experience (90mn)

  • We open the container and we decide on your intentions for these five weeks together. You get to experience a first regression in your childhood.

Week 2: Childhood and Womb Regressions session (2h)

  • This session is focused on regressing to a few childhood memories and time spent in your mother’s womb.

Week 3: Integration time

Week 4: Past Life Regression session (between 2 and 3 hours)

  • During these hours, we will access past life memories from one or more lifetimes.

Week 5: Integration session (45mn up to 1h)

  • During this last session together, we will look back at the past 5 weeks and all the lessons learnt. I will help you transition out of the container and will recommend a flower/plant essence/remedy that will support you on the next steps of your journey.

Every regression includes energy healing work, clearing of contracts and/or promises, and removal of residual energies affecting the client along with activations of potentials.

You will be able to keep a recording of each regression.


"The timing for my first Regression session with Caroline couldn’t have come more convenient. Due to personal issues I was in a low state when first meeting up with her. I got to say just by being in her presence I already felt safe, strong and empowered, she has this aura vibrating around her full of strength, power & “we got this”, yet she radiates a soft, gentle and has a loving approach. Caroline is very professional, I trust her completely, she makes me feel very comfortable with her smooth and gentle guiding. 

We worked through deep rooted beliefs. I cried, I laughed, I released. The guidance and the messages I received were so clear, and I felt so much support all along throughout this 2 hour journey she took me on.

I left her and the session feeling complete and transformed, full of joy, motivation and empowerment. Strong and ready to move on. 

I am forever grateful to have come across Caroline and her work and I already look forward to the next healing session with her. 

I can only highly recommend her!"

Tess Tankred - Bali

"I had the chance to work with Caroline multiple times and felt naturally convinced of her open-heartedness and dedication to be in service to everyone around her.

We dived into past life regressions and past traumas and cleared the residual energies from certain experiences: this led to a better emotional and intellectual understanding, and brought me to a new state of relaxation. The imprint of these experiences in my nervous system were released, creating more space for possibilities.

Caroline has a very professional approach and the way she opens and steps into topics made my feel safe and supported.
She guided me towards powerful insights, which was extremely helpful.
I recommend her for so many reasons but especially if you wish to go deeper into your subconscious constructs to resolve old conditionings and patterns which are no longer supporting you."

Martin Drendel - Germany

"I embarked on this 5 week adventure with Caroline completely intuitively and spontaneously. I felt the call to write to her following a simple Story that came to me on Instagram. We exchanged and discovered each other on a first call and both felt it was right; exploring my past path together. I appreciate her gentle, reassuring yet strong and powerful energy. The ideal combination to accompany me during these intensive regressions. Intensive, a word not to be underestimated and whose meaning I quickly understood from the first week. It was an inner journey, certainly, but it acted simultaneously and instantly on my present from our first session. 

Thanks to regression hypnosis, I relived very powerful moments as well as more "trivial" situations from my past and my previous lives. Each time, the lessons I learned were very powerful - real keys to my present. Sometimes it was just a word and bim an activation happened in me. I understood what needed to be understood, released what needed to be released, healed what needed to be healed. Caroline opens this safe space for us, she is the keeper of it and guides us when we need it but the bulk of the work, the inner journey, the teachings, the healings are done by ourselves. I enjoyed discovering that I had such power, such potential within me, that I was not fully aware of. A huge thank you to Caroline for walking beside me during these 5 weeks! "

Tiphaine S.- Switzerland

" What I remember most about Caroline is her gentleness.

It was hard to think of her coaching as "work" because everything seemed so simple, easy, gentle, comforting and warm, like a cocoon.
And yet, the results are there.

I came with the desire to see myself break out of repetitive and harmful patterns in my life, which I saw as a mountain. I was afraid of not being able to reach the state of hypnosis, or on the contrary of going too far and falling asleep in the middle of a session, and thus missing everything... Caroline knew how to reassure me instantly and deeply. Everything was simple and gentle.

From the second session on, when I listened to my first intentions, I felt that I was already not the same person.

This intensive format is truly a wonderful gift to give yourself, in which Caroline guides you with a masterful hand.

I had placed my hopes in the resolution of what my mind considered to be THE major concern of my life, but today, it is all the horizons of all the areas of my life that I see opening up and lighting up at the same time.

Beforehand, I was wondering about the integration of the work done, and I was wondering if I would really be able to create new interactions in my daily life? And I discovered that the integration is done at such a deep level that the changes take place on their own, without effort.

It was an honor and a joy to benefit from Caroline's guidance, and I will be happy to call upon her talents again with complete confidence.

her talents again. "

Alexia P. - France



What are Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy?

Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy are healing modalities that enable you to access memories stored in the subconscious level, meaning not accessible by the conscious mind in a beta state of consciousness. By accessing these memories with the help of a practitioner holding a safe and secure space, healing can take place and space can be created for new beliefs and new experiences to be invited.

In Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy we use Hypnosis. You can come back to consciousness at anytime during the process and are in perfect control. You are safe and held.


Why is this package called an Intensive?

Because the container is open during five weeks and we meet every week (except for week 3, dedicated to integration of the first two sessions) we quickly go deep and remove a lot in a short period of time. This is different than let’s say 4 sessions over a 4-month period. The Container remains open during the five weeks which means the work continues to be done and things to be removed in-between the sessions.


Can I do only Past Life regression?

Unfortunately not. This package has been designed as a progressive and deeply transformative experience during which each step is following a precise sequence that cannot be changed. We go deeper each time as the priority number one is for the client to feel completely safe, supported and held during the time we have together. Rushing the process and taking shortcuts is not the way I choose to work.


I feel a bit nervous/anxious, is this normal?

Yes, completely. Trying something new, taking you outside of your comfort zone into an unknown territory is always a bit stressful. Your higher self knows you are going to undergo a deep transformation and it scares the subconscious mind. This is the reason why we are breaking down the process into 4 distinct sessions. This way, trust and a sense of safety are solidly established and we can do this work within a powerfully built container.


Do I need to prepare anything? How do I get ready for this work?

Look at your life and the things that are truly affecting you at present. Set intentions of what you would like your life to look like after these five weeks. Tune into your intuition and follow your heart. If this is right for you, you will feel a deep pull towards it.


Are there contraindications to take part in le Voyage ~ ?

This work is truly deep work and it will probably bring things up to the surface. Are not suitable for this particular offer: people suffering from drug/alcohol addiction. People undergoing psychiatric treatment. People who suffer from epilepsy. In general, people feeling unstable emotionally, psychologically and/or physically. You need to be ready and in good shape to start this work.

Is there anything special I need to do in between sessions?

Rest, avoid alcohol. Take this time to see what is emerging for you. Journal. Nourish your body, your mind and your soul with care. Drink lots of high-quality water.

More questions? Send an email at

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