T H E   P A T H

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26 septembre - 20 novembre

8 weeks to uncover who you truly are, understand why you came into this life, and shift the way you operate in the world. A reconnection with grace, purpose, and inner wisdom within a sacred sisterhood container.

It’s always been there. Tiny, subtle whispers of your soul, guiding you in the right direction. Ushering you where you were meant to be. 


Maybe you have never heard them.

Maybe you were too scared.

Maybe you didn’t even know that this was possible.


Life is not meant to be endured. It is meant to be lived fully, cherished, savoured like a delicious piece of high vibe chocolate, or like the sweetest of fruits.

Life is multifaceted and life responds to us and how we vibrate.

Life has a deeper meaning and this meaning is different for every single one of us.


It is our responsibility to find what that meaning is for us individually. To get our power back. To make informed choices. To balance actions and attraction. Feminine and masculine. To cultivate trust. To move forward with grace, determination, and self-confidence.

The myth that someday, somehow, someone or something will happen that will give us all the answers is exactly that: a myth.


Change is about making the first step towards that liberation.

It is time to meet the Universe halfway and send a clear message.

It is time to reclaim what’s yours using your magnetic energy.


If you are feeling like you are out of alignment with your purpose,

If you are still trying to figure out how to be of service,

If you feel at a crossroads in life and lack direction,

If you regularly ask yourself “What am I meant to be doing?” without any clear answer,

If you witness inspiring empowered women with envy wishing you were them,
If you are craving that glow you know you would have if you were aligned with your blueprint

If you are a sensitive soul who has so much to give to the world but don’t know where to start,
If you are not completely fulfilled and are looking for answers,

If you are ready to operate deep changes and radically shift,

If you profoundly want to reconnect with your feminine essence and magical powers,

If you want to walk alongside other women who deeply see and understand you,

And if you feel so much YES while reading these words…

The Path is for you.

It is about this deep reveal of yourself to yourself


The Path is a safe and unique group container. It’s a virtual home open for the wild woman in search of more meaning.


The Path is a sacred space helping you to remember who you are.


The Path is showing you how to contribute on a deeper level.


The Path is giving you tools and practices to help you connect back to your purpose.


The Path enables you to know yourself better through the lenses of human design, karmic astrology and past life regression.


In this sacred temple, we will rediscover the power of rituals.

It will be a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional experience.

The Path is enhancing your connection with yourself, with others, and with the world.


Bringing in deeper meaning and a renewed sense of clarity in regards to your vision and your life.

Today, I am inviting you to join me on this journey.

It will be you, me, and other energetically aligned women walking together on this beautiful adventure.

Your life will never be the same after experiencing The Path.

The Container 



8 weeks exploring the realms of Human Design, Karmic Astrology, Past Life Regression and Future Life Visioning in a safe and intimate group setting. 8 weeks to reconnect to the power of your feminine energy and purpose.

The Path will be articulated around three main themes:

  • Understanding Your Past

  • Connecting with your Purpose

  • Embodiment in the Now


Week 1: Connection & Intentions

Week 2: Understanding Your Past (part 1)

Week 3: Understanding Your Past (part 2)

Week 4: Connecting with Your Purpose (part 1)

Week 5: Connecting with Your Purpose (part 2)

Week 6: Embodiment in the Now (part 1)

Week 7: Embodiment in the Now (part 2)

Week 8: Q&A and Integration session


The Path’s unique approach blends knowledge and understanding alongside practical application and deep embodiment.

The Path will accommodate up to 16 women and will take place from 13 June to 8 August




  • 8 x 2-hour live masterclasses/experiential sessions with replays available

  • 5 workbooks 

  • 1 x 30mn private session with Caroline

  • 8 weekly live practices posted in a private IG group for deep self-connection + available for replay on IGTV (herbal tea making, womb connection ceremony, heart-opening asanas, mantra practice, sacred movement, high-vibrational recipes, natural remedies making, meditation, and more)

  • Your Natal Chart (astrology)

  • Your Bodygraph (human design)

  • A Divine Morning Guided Meditation by moi to prep yourself for this work

  • A private WhatsApp group for sharing & connection between participants

  • Content available for 4 weeks after The Path ends




Ce programme est à un tarif de lancement unique et augmentera

  • Pay in Full: 1444€

  • Payment Plan: 

    • EARLY BIRD valid until 31 May2 payments of 722€ and no added fees (1444€)

    • From 31 May-12 June: 2 payments of 833€ (1666€)


Payment plan terms: first payment to be made and received before the start of the programme (13 June) to secure your spot and second payment by 9 July at the latest.

 About your Guide 



Hi, my name is Caroline and I am so excited to have birthed this offering into the world. It had been brewing in me for so long but it wasn’t the time yet. I have been there. Lost, confused, frustrated, not knowing what was my bigger calling or what I was meant 


"The timing for my first Regression session with Caroline couldn’t have come more convenient. Due to personal issues I was in a low state when first meeting up with her. I got to say just by being in her presence I already felt safe, strong and empowered, she has this aura vibrating around her full of strength, power & “we got this”, yet she radiates a soft, gentle and has a loving approach. Caroline is very professional, I trust her completely, she makes me feel very comfortable with her smooth and gentle guiding. 

We worked through deep rooted beliefs. I cried, I laughed, I released. The guidance and the messages I received were so clear, and I felt so much support all along throughout this 2 hour journey she took me on.

I left her and the session feeling complete and transformed, full of joy, motivation and empowerment. Strong and ready to move on. 

I am forever grateful to have come across Caroline and her work and I already look forward to the next healing session with her. 

I can only highly recommend her!"

Tess Tankred - Bali

"I had the chance to work with Caroline multiple times and felt naturally convinced of her open-heartedness and dedication to be in service to everyone around her.

We dived into past life regressions and past traumas and cleared the residual energies from certain experiences: this led to a better emotional and intellectual understanding, and brought me to a new state of relaxation. The imprint of these experiences in my nervous system were released, creating more space for possibilities.

Caroline has a very professional approach and the way she opens and steps into topics made my feel safe and supported.
She guided me towards powerful insights, which was extremely helpful.
I recommend her for so many reasons but especially if you wish to go deeper into your subconscious constructs to resolve old conditionings and patterns which are no longer supporting you."

Martin Drendel - Germany




Do I have to know my exact time of birth to join the programme?

Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy are healing modalities that enable you to access memories

More questions? Send an email at hello@carolinemariejeanne.com

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