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Caroline Marie Jeanne.

love . relationships . intimacy


Hi beauty,


I’m so happy you have landed here in my online home. 

I am currently guiding women to understand men better and experience healthy & fulfilling relationships. I also create activating spaces for heart-led women to reclaim their sensuality, pleasure, truth, and freedom.

My work is an alchemy of intuitive, vibrational, and energetic medicine with a solid, grounded, and embodied approach.


My offers are ever-evolving, as I am.


Welcome home! x

Work with me

The Lovers

An exciting Human Design reading for Couples to better understand each other, increase intimacy and solidify the connection.

Pleasure to Love

Experience a new reality in the areas of love, intimacy, and relationship in this 4-week 1:1 intensive + intimate mentoring journey. 


Access all my latest Masterclasses and various content to improve your relationships and create deeper intimacy in your life.




Julia Peyron - Integral Coach & Facilitator

“As I was on my journey of creating a Life of alignment, contribution and joy for myself, meeting Caroline triggered a powerful shift in my perception of myself, Life and the world. Through our healing and channeling sessions, and conversations, she helped me find clarity and discernment, strength and confidence on my path.


Caroline listens deeply, is able to have a full presence and total focus. She has an innate eagerness to contribute, offering the unique gifts she has with depth and sharp wisdom. She naturally provides a subtle, very adequate balance between challenge and support. She is able to speak her truth confidently, she is not afraid to speak at a real level of authenticity and integrity, with a true kindness. 

She uses and combines knowledge and tools that come from a wide range of experiences, approaches, learnings that she had. She is connected to a broad range of healers and entrepreneur 

networks that nourish the width of her perspective. She uses her creativity, intelligence and sensitiveness to share guidance that is spot-on and impacting. 

To put it in a nutshell : Caroline is a very talented heart-driven empowerer and healer who offers high value service. Lastly, her recommendations - healers or experts for specific issues, personal and spiritual development trainings, books, are also extremely relevant.

She is an extraordinary guide."


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